The Cheat Izzy Izzy was the mascot of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. His story is that he is a creature called a Whatizit who lives inside the Olympic Flame. He is often considered to be the least popular of all Olympic mascots. Mike Chapman created the Homestar Runner universe while working on light rigging for the Australian telecasts of those games. Wikipedia article for Izzy
Have you ever awoken alone in your dorm room only to find that you lost a shoe, but gained a cat? Yeah, no, us neither. For real, we've always had "Buster" (our cat). But let's say that, theoretically, someone unintentionally took another person's kitty ... You know what, how about a cat pun or two? We're not lion when we say that Bonnie & Clyde-types will be feline fine dressed as this morally flexible duo, cat and a burglar. After all, it's meow or never if you want to live long and pros-purr ... seriously though, we didn't steal Buster.
^ Lipton, Eric (April 9, 2008). "Official Had Controversial Photos Deleted, Report Says". New York Times. Retrieved 2008-04-09."The staff member who won the “most original costume” prize wore a dreadlock wig, what looked like a prison jumpsuit and black face paint. “I’m a Jamaican detainee from Krome — obviously, I’ve escaped,” the employee, referring to a detention center in Miami, announced to the judges..."

He’s a man of conviction. He’s a man of daring. A man with a sense of leadership. And man, can this guy pull off short shorts! If you’re a fan of Reno 911 than you know that Lt. Dangle’s sense of style can add some laughs to any situation. When it comes to funny men’s Halloween costumes, the Lt. Dangle costume is hard to beat. All you need is a brilliant mustache to make this look complete!

The Christian Church traditionally observed Hallowe'en through a vigil. Worshippers prepared themselves for feasting on the following All Saints' Day with prayers and fasting.[204] This church service is known as the Vigil of All Hallows or the Vigil of All Saints;[205][206] an initiative known as Night of Light seeks to further spread the Vigil of All Hallows throughout Christendom.[207][208] After the service, "suitable festivities and entertainments" often follow, as well as a visit to the graveyard or cemetery, where flowers and candles are often placed in preparation for All Hallows' Day.[209][210] In Finland, because so many people visit the cemeteries on All Hallows' Eve to light votive candles there, they "are known as valomeri, or seas of light".[211]
^ Döring, Dr. Volkskundler Alois (2011). "Süßes, Saures – olle Kamellen? Ist Halloween schon wieder out?" (in German). Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Archived from the original on 14 June 2011. Retrieved 12 November 2015. Dr. Alois Döring ist wissenschaftlicher Referent für Volkskunde beim LVR-Institut für Landeskunde und Regionalgeschichte Bonn. Er schrieb zahlreiche Bücher über Bräuche im Rheinland, darunter das Nachschlagewerk "Rheinische Bräuche durch das Jahr". Darin widerspricht Döring der These, Halloween sei ursprünglich ein keltisch-heidnisches Totenfest. Vielmehr stamme Halloween von den britischen Inseln, der Begriff leite sich ab von "All Hallows eve", Abend vor Allerheiligen. Irische Einwanderer hätten das Fest nach Amerika gebracht, so Döring, von wo aus es als "amerikanischer" Brauch nach Europa zurückkehrte.
The prank product has been banned in Hollywood since 2004 after thousands of bored people would buy it on the streets of Hollywood from illegal vendors and "vandalize" the streets. The city ordinance calls for a maximum $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail for "use, possession, sale or distribution of Silly String in Hollywood from 12:01 AM on October 31 to 12:00 PM on November 1."
^ Monaghan, Patricia (1 January 2009). The Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore. Infobase Publishing. p. 167. ISBN 978-1438110370. Archived from the original on 23 April 2016. Retrieved 19 October 2015. They were both respected and feared. "Their backs towards us, their faces away from us, and may God and Mary save us from harm," was a prayer spoken whenever one ventured near their dwellings.

^ Mahon, Bríd (1991). Land of Milk and Honey: The Story of Traditional Irish Food & Drink. Poolbeg Press. p. 138. ISBN 978-1853711428. The vigil of the feast is Halloween, the night when charms and incantations were powerful, when people looked into the future, and when feasting and merriment were ordained. Up to recent time this was a day of abstinence, when according to church ruling no flesh meat was allowed. Colcannon, apple cake and barm brack, as well as apples and nuts were part of the festive fare.
Black is associated with darkness or night, death, fear and silence. Basing on the idea that All Hallows Eve was thought of as the day during which the border between the living and dead/spirit world became indistinct, the festival came to be associated with death and therefore the color of black. Even in current day, some countries associate black with death. The Americans for example mourn while dressed in black. The black color also stands for black cats, witches, bats, and vampires which play an important role in the Halloween traditions.
There's nothing wrong with his and her Gryffindor robes, but this Halloween you yearn to show the world that your Hermione completes you. Here at Halloween Costumes, we believe that it takes two to make a pun go right. Teamwork makes the dream work for Flo-Rida-inspired double entendre ensembles (like "booty call": her = faux big butt, him = cell phone costume) or simple witticisms (like "black eyed peas": black eye makeup and t-shirts with the letter "P" on them). There's even a punny couples costume for the guys who detest dressing up: Ladies, don your best butter stick costume and ask that he refers to you as his "butter half" all night. It's guaranteed to make guests melt (pun totally intended).
^ The Paulist Liturgy Planning Guide. Paulist Press. 2006. ISBN 978-0809144143. Archived from the original on 31 October 2017. Retrieved 31 October 2011. Rather than compete, liturgy planners would do well to consider ways of including children in the celebration of these vigil Masses. For example, children might be encouraged to wear Halloween costumes representing their patron saint or their favorite saint, clearly adding a new level of meaning to the Halloween celebrations and the celebration of All Saints' Day.
In addition to causing trouble and damaging crops, Celts thought that the presence of the otherworldly spirits made it easier for the Druids, or Celtic priests, to make predictions about the future. For a people entirely dependent on the volatile natural world, these prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction during the long, dark winter.
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There are several games traditionally associated with Halloween. Some of these games originated as divination rituals or ways of foretelling one's future, especially regarding death, marriage and children. During the Middle Ages, these rituals were done by a "rare few" in rural communities as they were considered to be "deadly serious" practices.[167] In recent centuries, these divination games have been "a common feature of the household festivities" in Ireland and Britain.[58] They often involve apples and hazelnuts. In Celtic mythology, apples were strongly associated with the Otherworld and immortality, while hazelnuts were associated with divine wisdom.[168] Some also suggest that they derive from Roman practices in celebration of Pomona.[86]
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